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The BGinfo Box project refers to a network of advertising and information centers positioned at more than ninety locations in the city, with the aim to distribute free printed material: city maps, information on monthly happenings, the guide of the city’s landmarks, marketing postcards, flyers, brochures, etc. Since the year 2000 until now, in cooperation with Belgrade tourist organization, we have been welcoming Belgrade guests, offering them important information on the content, happenings and the possibilities of our city.

From the moment they arrive at the airport, main train or bus station or Belgrade port, get settled in their hotels or visit any of the Belgrade tourist organization information Centers, Belgrade guests are acquainted with BGinfo Box material.

Advertising with BGinfo Box, the users of marketing space offer their products and services and present their activity as a part of rich tourist potential of Belgrade, and by doing this, help the capital to preserve and promote its metropolis reputation.

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A special 'treat' you can find in the heart of Belgrade is the Skadarska street, known as "Skadarlija" or "Bohemian quarter". This street has been, since the day appeared, the favourite place of city bohemians, poets and other artists and off everyone who loves quite and hidden place and friendly company. The street, with its original appearance, is famous for its inns with the old Serbian ambience, Turkish cobblestones and čura Jakšić’s house (the famous Serbian poet and romantic painter). A lot can be said about this street, but nothing can come even close to visiting it and feeling its truly magical atmosphere. Kosta Dimitrijević said: "If Paris had been the capital of the world, Montmartre would have been the capital of Paris; if Belgrade had been the crossroad of the world, Skadarlija would have been its soul".

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