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BGinfo Box, in cooperation with Belgrade tourist organization (TOB) through a well-developed network of advertising and informative panels, distributes free and easily available printing advertising and informative material. A seven year long experience in this line of work and approximately 2.000.000 copies of flyers, maps and brochures distributed in this period show us that in the range of printed material BGinfo Box has to offer, BGinfo Map is the most popular.

A business tourist or a “pack packer”, the first timer or an often seen guest, one is sure not to spend all the time in one’s hotel room. After settling, one is to look for a city map, information, ask questions, and BGinfo Map is to provide the answers. BGinfo Map is the only free tourist map of the city center with indicated landmarks of Belgrade and map’s sponsors’ locations. The map’s dimensions (B2) enable enough space for the information and marketing content of the map’s sponsors that help Belgrade guest to easily find their way get to know our city better. Belgrade is one of the most important tourist centers of the Balkans and its long and tumultuous history is preserved in many historical monuments and locations. But, Belgrade is a modern, dynamic city full of contemporary events, and this makes our advertising city map necessary to tourists. By sponsoring BGinfo Map, our clients invite Belgrade visitors to be their guests, present them their services or products and help them to experience our city. BGinfo Map is distributed through BGinfo Box regular channels as well as directly, hand to hand, done by Belgrade hotel receptionists, visitors. It can also be found in the premises of the map’s sponsors, as well as in numerous cafes, clubs, tourist and rent-a-car agencies, etc. Due to this, the list of distributive places is constantly growing.

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The term Kalemengdan refers only to the plateau around the Belgrade fortress once used as a lookout from the enemy, and in the 19th century it was turned into a park. The word has it origin in Turkish since 'kale' means 'the field', and 'megdan' means 'the fight'. The Turks also used the term "Ficir-bajir" meaning the hill for reflection. Today, the Kalemegdan is the biggest park in Belgrade with numerous monuments, sculptures, the art pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric", music pavilion, the Grand staircase, the zoo, etc. if you like chess, retired, a walking person, aesthete or maybe in love, you shouldn’t miss a walk through this park and the prettiest view on the Sava and the Danube confluence since you are bound to meet your soul mate there.

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