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Current Bg Info Night Map Edition


Lonely Planet, one of the best known tourist guides has, according to the offer and quality of night life, made the list of best cities. Belgrade was listed the first, before Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai..!

Recognising the need to present our city and the famous night life in the best possible way, we have published BGinfo NIGHT Map, the only free map with recommended locations, and Hot Spot made the selection of the places you shouldn’t miss.

In Belgrade, on the crossroad of Europe and Asia offers a various night life: DJ nights, pop, rock, blues and jazz sessions, to the famous Belgrade trumpet, tamburitza and folk music nights, and this makes Belgrade night life guide necessary to all Belgrade guests. Map is published four times per year with the circulation of 25.000 copies.




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Belgrade Guide


The Etnographic Museum

The museum was founded in 1901 and it has 152.000 objects divided into the following collections: the folk costumes, materials and rugs, crafting equipment, furniture and dishes and pottery, ritual objects, paintings, old photographs, European and non-European national objects.
The Manak's house is also a part of the Ethnographic museum. In it you can see a collection of objects, folk costumes and jewellery from the south of Serbia and Macedonia.

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