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In Your Pocket City Guides

Belgrade In Your Pocket is a free guide in English language. A free copy of this guide can be found in Belgrade hotels, hostels, Belgrade Airport arrival terminal, train station, Belgrade Tourist organization Information centres, embassies, foreign cultural and trade centres, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, 3 business centres and Ušće shopping center, as well as in offices of guide’s sponsors. This copy is also available to all guests and members of various cultural and sport manifestations.

The guide can be downloaded from In Your Pocket web portal , .

The first edition of Belgrade In Your Pocket guide was printed in 10.000 copies, covering the period April-June 2008, and distributed at the mentioned locations from April 15. Due to a large demand and constant growth of the distributive network, Belgrade In Your Pocket guide publish nowadays every two months with the circulation of 20.000 copies.

Novi Sad In Your Pocket guides are published twice a year, before the Exit festival and New Year Eve, with the circulation of 25.000 copies. The guide can be downloaded from In Your Pocket web portal

In cooperation with The Tourist Organisation of Niš, Niš In Your Pocket guide is published twice a year with the circulation of 10.000 copies . The guide can be downloaded from In Your Pocket web portal:

Belgrade Guide


The Republic square

If somebody tells you: "See you at the square" or "Let's meat at the horse", know that your meeting place, and the meeting place of many young people is the Republic Square. Today’s square was formed after the demolition of the Stambol gate in 1866 and the construction of the National Theatre in 1869. Beside the National Theatre, the National Museum, the monument of Prince Mihailo Obrenović and the monument of Branislav Nusic can also be seen on the square. 

The National Theatre

In accordance with duke Mihailo Obrenović's order to construct a building for the theatre, the National theatre was built in 1869. The model for its renaissance conception and decorations was the Scala Opera house in Milan.

The monument of Prince Mihailo Obrenović

The bronze monument of Prince Mihailo Obrenović on the horse, the work of Enrico Pazzi was erected in 1882.

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