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Belgrade Info Guide

Belgrade Info Guide is a bilingual, Serbian-English guide through Belgrade, helping easier navigation and better knowledge of the city, designed for domestic and foreign guests in Belgrade. Find out what events are planned in the city, where to stay, eat, drink coffee, do a little shopping, have fun, find embassies or consular offices ... Belgrade Info Guide is available for free in all Belgrade hotels and hostels, tourist info points, most of  business and shopping centers and at all major events.


Ask for your copy of the guide, be informed and enjoy Belgrade!

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Belgrade Guide


The Fortress - Lower City

The lower city spreads along the riverbanks, and in medieval period it was the centre of the town. Despot Stefan Lazarevic during refortification of the town built the ramparts around the Lower city.

Carlo VI Gate

The gate was built in 1736 and dedicated to emperor Carlo VI. On it western side is the oldest preserved coat of arms in Belgrade – the Tribalia coat of arms.

Neboj[a's tower

This cannon tower was built in 1460 at the riverbank in order to protect the entrance of the port. During Turkish rule of Belgrade, the tower was used as a dungeon.

Turkish bath (Amam)

The old Turkish bath – amam, was built at the end of 18th century. Today it is the planetarium of the Astronomic society "Ruđer Boškovic".

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