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Water fountains

The city o Belgrade has thirty-nine public water fountains with drinking water from the Belgrade plumbing system, five water fountains built on natural sources and eighteen fountains.

The Delijska fountain

The first mention of a water fountain with this name dates form the 17th century as a Turkish monument. The Austrians later destroyed this fountain. At the place of the old fountain in the Knez Mihailova street, a new water fountain resembling the old one was erected in 1987.

The Terazije Fountain

This monument and a water fountain, the work of Italian craftsman Franco Lorano had been erected in the Terazije square in 1860, but was displaced to Topčider for a short period of time.

The čŒukur Fountain

This water fountain with the bronze figure of a young boy, the work of Simeon Rosandic was erected in 1931 as a memory of an important event in Serbian history. The Turks at this place had assassinated a Serbian boy and this led to a conflict between the Serbs and the Turks and to the bombardment of Belgrade in 1862.

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