National restaurant in Serbia is known as 'kafana' (inn). The old rule says that inns are places where business is done, domestic and world politics discussed, (false) information exchanged, sadness cured, so, although portions are large, much more than the meal consumption time is spent in inns. 

The Serbian cuisine is basically international, so your plate will contain a fusion of East and West, Asia and Europe. Menus in Belgrade restaurants are usually bilingual (Serbian and English) and the waiters in most of the restaurants also speak English. 
Serbian custom is for the person who invites the company to the restaurant to pay the bill. 
A special ‘treat’ you can find in the heart of Belgrade is the Skadarska street, known as “Skadarlija” or “Bohemian quarter” where you can find numerous restaurants with the ambient that takes you back to old Serbia. Kosta Dimitrijevic said: “If Paris had been the capital of the world, Montmartre would have been the capital of Paris; if Belgrade had been the crossroad of the world, Skadarlija would have been its soul”.

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